The wedding dress will be completed, 4-5 months after initial deposit is made. This is a fitting guideline, but its different for each bride.

After the deposit is made you will meet with Daci to discuss and draft a fitting plan. Up to 5 fittings will be necessary. All fittings will be taking place at LaNeige Bridal - 1020 W Main Street, Boise ID, 83702

Below are the 3 main fittings described. In some cases there will be additional fittings.

Please note: out-of-town brides follow a different fitting schedule.


1st Fitting:

The first fitting will be scheduled 4-5 weeks after the deposit is made.

A pattern will be created and Daci will make sure it fits your body perfectly. The sides of the pattern will be pinned after your body shape. The dress fabric and lace will be cut after this initial pattern that Daci created after your body.

The fitting will be approximately 40 minutes long.



2nd fitting:  

The second fitting will be scheduled about 3 months after initial deposit was made. The fabric is cut and sewn into your dress; Daci will make sure everything fits perfect. The dress length will be discussed at this fitting. Please bring shoes that have the desired heel height. You will discuss accessories at this fitting as well. The fitting will be up to one hour long. The dress will be 60-80% completed at this appointment, depending on style. 20% dress payment is due at this appointment.

One or more fittings will be scheduled between the second and last fitting. It all depends on dress design and any possible weight changes.



3rd fitting:

The dress is done at this fitting. We will discuss final touches, and other changes, if necessary. The accessories are done. The final payment is due at this fitting. The dress can be picked up at the end of this fitting or stored at Laneige Bridal if you would like to pick up at a later time.


Final Fitting/ Dress Pick-up:

Some brides prefer to try on their wedding dresses 2-3 weeks before their wedding. The final fitting is to make sure everything fits, looks perfect, and is ready for your special day!