out of state brides-to-be

Daci has worked with brides from NY, Denver, Phoenix, LA, San Francisco and other cities in the US. We wanted to dedicate a page just for our ‘out of state’ customers. The process of creating a custom wedding dress or recreating one Daci’s bridal collection dresses, in your size, is slightly different from the one for the local brides.

We picked a few highlights to help you make the decision and travel to Boise to get the dress of your dreams. We would love to have you!

Andra Krista Photo

Andra Krista Photo

initial consultation

The custom dress design process begins with a one-on-one consultation with Daci. The ideal time for the ‘initial consultation’ is 8-12 months before your wedding.

Although, don't fret if your wedding date is less than six months away, please contact Daci as soon as possible. We helped ‘last minute’ brides and brides with short engagements.

The first step after contacting Daci is the phone initial consultation (Audio or Face-time).

what you need for the consultation

For the consultation please gather all your wedding ideas and inspiration.

During this FaceTime meeting, Daci will get to know and understand your vision. You will discuss favorite dress styles, textiles, and colors. Daci will show you all laces and silk options available, and your most favorite will be send to you in the mail to see and feel.

The fabrics Daci uses are the highest quality, French laces and silks.



You said ‘YES’ to your ‘Daci’ - one of a kind wedding dress. What comes next?

After the wedding dress deposit is made, Daci will take a week to design and draw sketches of your dream dress. The dress design details will be finalized and dress timeline will be created.

You will start planning your trip to Boise. You will need to spend one night (if your favorite dress requires a fitting). As far as timelines, for the brides whose dresses requires fittings, the ideal time to travel to Boise is 3-4 months before the wedding.

Daci will guide you how to take your own measurements, and then she will start on the dress custom pattern drafting.


Most wedding dresses designs require 2 fittings. The fittings will be grouped 24 hours apart. Plan to stay overnight when you travel to Boise for the fittings. The first fitting will be scheduled when you arrive to Boise, and the second right before you leave.

The trip to Boise and those 2 fittings will save you money from additional alterations on your wedding dress.

We will continue to stay in touch over text and FaceTime sending photos of dress progress and discuss every step in dress design process. Every detail will be approved by you.

Daci’s goal is that your dress will fit you perfectly at completion.


At completion the custom dress will be shipped USPS priority.

Are you the next ‘Daci Bride’? Click below and share with me your bridal inspiration and ideas. I would love to bring your wedding dress dreams to reality. The distance and travel details are easier then you think.

I’m looking forward to hear about your dream dress, Daci