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Bringing to life your wedding dress inspiration, ideas and dreams.

One at a time - One of a kind.

Custom made, heirloom, limited run bridal gowns by Daci. Silks and French laces carefully picked from around the world. Designed and hand stitched with love in Boise.


“It’s been my passion for the past 23 years to design and create wedding gowns. 


I love to bring to life the ideas and dreams of my brides, designing one dress at a time. 

I also have pieces I created for brides that don’t want a custom design but are looking for something unique, feminine, simple, yet detailed. I create the timeless piece you want to keep and love forever. 

My dresses are one of a kind and I always wanted to keep them like that because each bride is one of a kind. The silks and laces I pick from all around the world are the finest and often I can’t find those specific fabrics and laces again. That makes the process more exciting and truly unique. Another detail that makes my dresses special is the silhouette. I’m passionate as much for the way the dress fits as I am for designing and picking fabrics. The fabrics and laces bring to life the specific design. The dress design also has to compliment the body type. There has to be a perfect balance between design-fabrics-silhouette. 

I love the beauty that comes by finding and choosing the right shape and then fitting it perfectly to each of the brides’ body.”

Love, Daci