Bridal Collection & custom wedding gowns


At ‘Daci Gowns” we are bringing to life your wedding dress inspiration, ideas and dreams. One at a time. One of a kind. Silks and French laces carefully picked from around the world. Designed and hand stitched with love in Boise. Our bridal boutique is located in Boise, but we work with brides from Boise and beyond.

The difference between the

‘bridal collection gowns’ and ‘custom gown’.

The ‘bridal collection’ gowns are all wedding dresses that are displayed at my bridal boutique. These are samples for brides to try on at the bridal appointment. The wedding gown you fall in love with will typically be ordered in your size. In the order process we offer customization such as lace, color and design variations. The ‘custom gown’ is a wedding dress that is designed and created for a bride that has a dress in mind and cannot find it anywhere.


Alex Mari Photography

Alex Mari Photography


The process of ordering your dream ‘Daci bridal collection’ gown in your size consists in 2 appointments. First meeting I take measurements and we discuss any design, fabric or color customizations. Second appointment is when the dress fitting takes place. I make sure the dress fits you perfectly.

Bridal collection timelines:

My bridal collection, from start to finish takes about 14 months to design and create. I design in average 10 sample gowns for the new bridal collection a year. Those new get released as they get completed.

To re-create a sample gown in your size takes 4-6 months. The ideal time to start dress shopping is 8-10 months.

Bridal collection prices:

The Bridal Collection Gowns average between $3,000-3,500. There is no additional cost to re-create a gown up to size 12. Design, fabrics and color customization prices vary.

Nicole Catherine Photos

Nicole Catherine Photos


The custom wedding gown process starts with the initial consultation. The bride and I meet and discuss in details: design concept, fabrics, style, silhouettes, fittings, timelines, and detailed measurements. I draw a sketch to use as a guideline. We need 5 fittings to finalize the gown. During each fitting, the bride is 100% involved in the dress process. I offer suggestions, but I first listen and my goal is to come as close to her design concept as we can.

Custom gown timelines:

Ideally, I like to start on a custom dress 12 months before the wedding. I can only design 5-7 custom wedding dresses every year.

Custom gown prices:

The custom gowns start around $3,000 but usually average at $4,000-$5,000.

Please contact Daci with any questions.

Alex Mari Photography

Alex Mari Photography


I have a few favorite companies where I source my textiles: from LA to New York where I get most my silks.  I order the most beautiful laces from my favorite companies in the UK and Germany. My favorite place to source textiles are the European fabric shops where I find one of a kind pieces.


I always have my eye open to anything that might be a new great idea. Photography inspires me; I love to see how fabric movement is captured in photos. I’m fascinated by it and always have this in mind when I design a new gown. The wide variety of silk textures and white color tones inspire me. I love to find the balance between simplicity and intricate detail.  When I design a gown I think about how beautiful the bride will feel in the dress and that is my ultimate goal.


Each wedding dress starts with the idea, then inspiration – sketches - final design - textile searching – textiles sourcing – pattern drafting – fabric cutting – assemble/sewing – hand stitching – photograph final product – new design release. As a side note, there are multiple dress fittings after pattern drafting.

Alex Mari Photography

Alex Mari Photography


 ‘out of state’ brides

Our bridal boutique is located in Boise, but we get to work with local brides and beyond. The wedding dress process for our ‘out of state’ brides is slightly different then our process for local brides.