The unique process of creating your custom wedDing gown

  ‘I created a detailed description of the unique process of creating your custom wedding gown. I’m looking forward to turning your wedding dress ideas and dreams into reality.’ Daci

Initial Consultation

The custom dress design process begins with a one-on-one consultation with Daci. The ideal time for the ‘initial consultation’ is 8-12 months before your wedding. Although, don't fret if your wedding date is less than six months away, please contact Daci as soon as possible. We helped ‘last minute’ brides and brides with short engagements before.

If you are a local bride you will meet at ‘Daci Gowns’ bridal boutique located in the 36th Street Garden Center Plaza. The bridal boutique shares the same space with the bridal atelier. It’s where your wedding dress will be hand-stitched from scratch. ‘Out of town’ brides will have a phone initial consultation (Audio or Face-time).

For the consultation please gather and bring in all your wedding ideas and inspiration. During this meeting Daci will get to know and understand your vision. You will discuss favorite dress styles, textiles, and colors. Daci will show you all laces and silk options available. The fabrics Daci uses are the highest quality, French laces and silks.


you said ‘yes’ to your custom wedding dress

You said ‘YES’ to your custom wedding dress. What comes next? After the wedding dress deposit is made, Daci will take a week to design and draw sketches of your dream dress. Together, you will finalize design details and create a custom fitting timeline.*

Daci will take detailed measurements and then begin to create you custom dress, to perfectly fit your size and measurements. For ‘out of state’ brides Daci will guide you how to take your own measurements.




We will need 3-5 fittings on a case-by-case basis. All fittings will take place at ‘Daci Gowns’ bridal boutique. In average, the fittings are 6-8 weeks apart, which gives Daci time to work on your custom dress. The custom fitting timeline is discussed with you and created to accommodate to your personal schedule.

The first and second fitting are to fit the pattern Daci has created in your size. The silks and lace will be cut after the custom pattern is finalized. At the following fittings, you will be participate designing your dress. This is a unique, step-by-step process and every detail will be discussed and approved by you.*

‘Out of state’ brides will have 2 fittings. The fittings will be grouped 24 hours apart. Plan to stay overnight when you travel to Boise for the fittings. The first fitting will be scheduled when you arrive to Boise, and the second right before you leave. You will not need additional alterations on your wedding dress. Daci’s goal is your dress to fit you perfect at completion. Not all collection dresses require a fitting. Please contact Daci to find out more about your dream dress.

Daci worked with brides from NY, Denver, Phoenix, LA, San Francisco, and more.



Final Fitting and dress pick up

At the final fitting, Daci will make finishing touches and ensure the dress looks perfect on you. Most brides will get their hair and makeup done and bring a few guests to celebrate. At this time, you will also receive the original dress sketch of your gown, signed by Daci.

At completion the custom dress for ‘out of state’ brides will be shipped priority.


*Please read Terms, Policy and Estimated Delivery Times, if you want to know in more detail about delivery times, payment and fitting plan.