Bryce + Cole’s Vaughn bohemian Wedding in oceanside, California

Kellie Jane Photography

I love the story behind this special wedding and wanted to share it with you all.

Bryce’s mom, Heather contacted me about 5 weeks before her daughters wedding. She saw Leah silk chiffon wedding dress on Instagram and thought it would be the perfect dream wedding dress for her daughter Bryce boho wedding. Bryce already had a beautiful wedding dress that she loved. Heather felt in her heart there was a little something that was missing from the dress to fully embrace Bryce’s personality.

We set up a FaceTime appointment with Heather to discuss what options they have in such a short time. After talking to Heather I learned how much she adores her daughter - Bryce. It was very special to me because I - too have one daughter, the only child and she is about the same age with Bryce. It’s why Heather and I connected by heart and I was getting so excited to be part of Bryce’s love story.

The wedding dress Bryce already had she purchased at BLDHN a bridal shop in California. When I saw the dress I thought was going to work perfectly with Leah silk chiffon overdress and cape. For those who don’t know, Leah wedding dress consists of 2 separate dresses. The silk slip dress and the silk chiffon overdress. Those pieces can be purchased together or separate.

It turned out that Bryce’s wedding dress from BLDHN was perfect to go under Leah silk chiffon overdress.
Heather wanted to keep the overdress a surprise from Bryce. I sent the wedding dress to Oceanside, Ca for the in home bridal fitting. Heather picked the perfect day to surprise her daughter Bryce with the dress. They wanted me to participate over FaceTime at the bridal fitting. It was so special. ❤️ Meeting Bryce I understood why her mom wanted something unique for her. Bryce is genuine, authentic, she loves unconditionally and sees the beauty in everything. She's always stood up for the underdog and is ALWAYS happy and smiling. ( those are Heather’s words to describe Bryce- how beautiful and true ❤️)

The wedding was perfect!! Heather designed with love, to the smallest detail the most amazing bohemian wedding for her daughter.

When they shared with me the wedding photo gallery I asked Heather which was her favorite photo. It was so hard to pick and Kellie did such an amazing job capturing the wedding. Heather’s words: “there are those gorgeous mystical features of the fabrics dancing in the wind... then of course as a mama I love the ones where i see my girl embracing the moment of her special day.”
“A mother’s love for her daughter is unmatched”. Aren’t those words from Heather so true. Her love for Bryce is so inspiring and contagious. A mother’s love goes above an beyond and makes a wedding day perfect. I am so blessed they shared with me Bryce’s special day.

Daci xo

Daci Johnson