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Daci Gowns

Bridal Atelier & Boutique

36th Street Garden Center Plaza

3896 N Woody Ln, Boise 83703

208 484-6802

At ‘Daci Gowns” we are bringing to life your wedding dress inspiration, ideas and dreams. Silks and French laces carefully picked from around the world. Designed and hand stitched with love in Boise.

One at a time.

One of a kind.

Custom made heirloom limited run

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From Designer Daci

“My journey as a wedding dress designer started in 1996 when my best friend got married. We were both in our last year at the Art University in Cluj-Napoca, a beautiful old town in Transylvania.

She was specializing in photography and I was finishing my degree in fashion design. This is when she got engaged and wanted a unique wedding dress and asked me to create it for her. Her gown was low V neckline, elegant dress with a ceramic beaded art deco belt.”… READ MORE


Daci Gowns

Bridal boutique

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The bridal boutique showcases Daci’s one-of-a-kind wedding gowns, bridal accessories and special occasion dresses. Each unique piece is created and hand-made in Boise, by designer Daci and her team. The bridal shop shares the same space with the atelier. Every single gown is hand made on site.

The bridal collection consists in 10-12 sample gowns sizes 6-8. Your favorite sample gown will be re-created in your size.

What sets us apart from other bridal shops?

Each sample gown displayed in the boutique can be customized to create your very own, one of a kind wedding dress. The customization includes lace and color variations as well as silhouette, neckline and other creative modifications all done in house.

We also work with a few custom brides every year. The ‘custom gown’ is the wedding dress that is designed and created for the bride that has a dress in mind and cannot find it anywhere. You can create with designer Daci your one of a kind, completely new wedding dress from scratch to suit your dream.

All services at the bridal atelier and boutique are by appointment.

You are welcome to stop by Monday through Friday 11am-1pm & 2pm-5pm to chat and take a look at Daci’s designs. For appointments contact Daci through the website, over the phone or text, as well as in store.


At our boho inspired bridal store, for our future brides and their guests we offer personalized one on one appointments. You will get to try on your favorite Daci bridal collection dresses in a relaxed atmosphere. To end your experience, you will have the opportunity to discuss designs with Daci and overview your appointment.

If you want to earn more about ‘Daci Gowns’ before you book your appointment, we summarized design process, prices, custom gowns and bridal collection overview, all based on brides’ frequently asked questions.



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‘Daci Gowns’ bridal atelier is where your wedding dress dreams come true. The atelier shares the same space with the boutique showroom. You will get to see how dresses are made from scratch, design process to the final product.


‘one on one’ workshops and fashion classes

Starting this spring, at our bridal atelier, we started ‘one on one’ workshops and fashion design classes with designer Daci.

The most popular of these workshops has been the ‘Heirloom veil’. This workshop is perfect for anyone that wants to participate creating a special - one of a kind heirloom veil for the bride to be.

The ‘Custom Dress Workshop’ is for the creative bride that has good sewing skills and wants to restyle or even create her own wedding dress. Daci will guide you step by step to accomplish your dream dress.

Please contact Daci if you have any questions or would like to participate to one of our workshops.


      ‘I hope this description of my bridal atelier and bridal shop was enlightening of what has always been my vision for an exclusive bridal experience. I’m looking forward to turning your wedding dress ideas and dreams into reality.’

Love, Daci              

recent features

If you would like to follow the link bellow to watch our recent feature on Dee Sarton’s ‘Keeping it Local’ show, KTVB Boise.

Our other recent feature was on ‘Bridal Musings’ Blog:

‘LaNeige Bridal – This shop located in downtown Boise offers a mix of contemporary and more traditional styles – but what truly sparked our interest were the one-of-a-kind Daci Gowns they carry by their own in-house designer. These styles are a mix of modern and boho, made and designed in Idaho. You bet we’re keeping our eyes on these designs, and they are totally worth the phone call to find out which they have available to try on.'


We love partnering with wedding photographers and professionals from the bridal industry to create bridal inspiration for our customers.

‘WOW. I'm not even sure how to put into words how unreal Daci's designs are. The quality of her gowns and just the overall designs are out of this world (and they photograph Amazingly). I can't recommend her dresses enough.’

  • photographer Alex G.

For more bridal inspiration please follow the link bellow and see our featured bridal editorials that we’ve been so lucky to be part of.


Daci ‘real Brides’

Our favorite thing after the dress completion, is to see photos from the brides’ wedding day. We have a beautiful, large collection of those. We also love to hear from our brides about their unique experience with us.

‘I must say Daci Gowns is phenomenal, Daci outdid herself, I sent her three pictures of what I wanted from each picture on my dress and she made it happen my dress was a hit and I must say I looked like a beautiful princess, I recommend her to anyone!! Thank you for making me look so beautiful Daci!!’

  • bride Rahela D.

‘Daci and her crew made the wedding dress of my dreams! I am so thankful that I found her! I wouldn't have changed anything about the beautiful work of art that they made me for my special day! Thank you guys so much!’

  • bride Nita K.


Do you want to be the next ‘Daci Bride’?

Are you looking for a one of a kind gown? Share with me your bridal inspiration and ideas. I would love to bring your wedding dress dreams to reality.

I’m looking forward to hear from you, Daci